Let the Games Begin!

Written by Billy Wichterman

Tomorrow evening, March 3rd, the Phillies will take the field against another team for the first time this spring. Though its not a Major League club, it is a noteworthy opponent. For the 4th consecutive season, the Philadelphia Phillies will open their exhibition play with a game at Bright House Networks Field in Clearwater, Florida against the Florida State Seminoles.

National League Rookie-of-the-Year Runner-Up J.A. (James Anthony) Happ gets the start. Look for the lefty to get 3-4 innings of work, but don’t focus so much on his numbers as you should understand his work ethic. He’ll be working on controlling the placement of his pitches, particularly his fastball and slider with some changeups thrown in to well… change it up.


After Happ, expect to see Phillippe Aumont. Don’t recognize the name? Well you should get used to this Canadian born Quebec native. He is what Pat Gallen of http://www.philliesnation.com calls,”the centerpiece of the Cliff Lee trade, meaning many eyes will be glued to his performance.” It’s hard to disagree with that. The righty was drafted 11th overall by the Mariners in 2007 and at that time, many projected him to progress into ace pitching material. There’s plenty of room for growth with this 21-year-old and the Phillies look to groom him in hopes he can one day crack the rotation.

No one in their right (or left) mind should expect him to be the incredible pitcher Lee was last year for the boys in red pinstripes. At best, Aumont  could find himself being the third or fourth starter in the rotation, depending whether or not he can find confidence in his changeup and curveball, pitches he has diligently been developing since joining the team in midwest Florida just three weeks ago.

You can Watch or Listen to this game on MLB.TV

No regional broadcast available.

First spring regional broadcast: 

vs NYY  March 4  1:05PM 

TV: CSN & Radio: WPHT 1210



  1. thome00

    hey Billy Frankie from Northeast Philadelphia wow that’s great that you have been a season ticket holder since 2004 but i don’t have that kind of money to do that so i only make it out to Citizens Bank Park about six or eight times a year and that place is awesome it’s so spacious the concourses are so wide and the staff there are so friendly and courteous.

    So i gueiss you will be there for the Home Opener on April 12th right??? I loke how they giveaway great promotional items to us fans it’s so cool these Phillies are gonna go all the way again this year i have a gut feeling about that what a great addition of Roy Halladay.

  2. ck@ckswriting.com

    Billy..Wasn’t it GREAT? I meant the Yankees getting socked by the Phillies! I didn’t get to listen to the entire game but the score sure was nice!
    My daughter is coming up from DC and another from Baltimore- they are DEVOUT Phillies fans . My Mom actually moved down to Lakeland, Florida.. she claims she moved there to be close to Clearwater… Which in all actuality…is not even close- But I love her enthusiasm- 78 years young!

    Anyway I am excited to be going to the season opener! First time for me in 5 years.. OUCH!

    Thanks for all the great posts!

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